Celebrations Important events in life: a wedding



            Short Term Values                                                                                          Long Term Values

for a day, for a week, for a few months                                                 for years, for life, for ethernity


     (we hope you contribute your own Values to these pages,  send pictures and text to:  admin@valuesystem.club )


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We use Values in our thoughts, in our discussions, implicitly or expliicitly, in our art expressions or experiences, in directing our lifes.  We also use Values in our decisions, to choose between action A1 or action A2, A3,...  We can study Values in litterature and art,  and also in mathematical terms (Decision Making Theory, Utility Theory, Optimization,...).  In this website we look at theories,  practical examples, and ways to inspire our lives.  Here we collect and display descriptions of Values contributed by Club members.  Please send to us pictures and text!


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